Coffee Gifts For Every Kind Of Coffee Lover

Find incredible coffee gifts for coffee lovers of all types. From newcomers to full-on snobs, this holiday gift guide has you covered.
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📅 Published: December 1, 2022
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Wow, another year has flown by! If you didn’t plan months ahead like 99% of us, it’s time to get your holiday gifts together. I know how hard it can be to buy coffee gifts for coffee lovers. We tend to be a little picky…..

But, lucky for you, I’m a picky coffee snob myself – which means I know which gifts will bring happy tears to your coffee lover’s eyes.

And which gifts won’t.

coffee gift

Here we go: coffee gifts for all kinds of coffee lovers.

Coffee Gifts For New Coffee Lovers

Know someone who’s just starting to get excited about coffee brewing at home?

Excellent! They tend to be a little easier to buy for because they haven’t yet bought every coffee brewer under the sun like a crazy-obsessed person (no, I’m not speaking from experience).

Kuissential Coffee Grinder

This manual coffee grinder recently usurped my previous top pick for a hand grinder. It’s affordable (at $20, it’s a steal!), the grind settings are easy to adjust, and – most importantly – it grinds coffee with more consistency than every other grinder at this price point by a long shot.

Click here to read my full Kuissential Grinder review and grind comparison.

It’s American Press

I’ve been traveling around the world with this brewer for 6+ months. It brews stellar coffee, is easy to use, and seems to be virtually indestructible. I highly suggest this brewer for coffee lovers of all types.

Click here to see my full American Press review and brewing guide.

american press

Nomad Coffee Club Subscription

This coffee company partners with some of the best growers from around the world to bring you freshly roasted beans. It’s a fantastic way to taste a variety of A+ coffees from all of the great coffee regions.

And through December 4th, you can save 10% storewide with code CYBER10 at checkout.

Jennings CJ4000 Scale

A coffee scale allows your coffee lover to be more precise with their coffee brewing. It may seem silly to use a scale to brew coffee, but it makes it so much easier to brew rich and balanced coffee every single time.

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

If your coffee lover likes to make pour-over coffee, a specialized kettle may be what they need. This one will give them control and precision over their water pouring, leading to tastier, more balanced coffee.

Coffee Sock Cloth Filters

This Austin-based company sells cloth coffee filters for a variety of coffee brewers. Chemex, V60, cold brew, and beyond. They’re affordable, eco-friendly, and let the coffee’s natural oils through to your final mug.

Click here to read my full coffee sock cloth filter review and why I love them.

coffee sock cloth filters

Coffee Gifts For Serious Enthusiasts

If your coffee lover has been around the coffee block a time or two, he/she may not be interested in the usual gift ideas.

Here are a few items that will still inspire fascination and wonder for them.


This espresso maker is not only a relatively affordable option for home espresso, but it’s stellar for travel. It’s simple to use, takes no time at all, and it actually does produce espresso that’s pretty darn delicious.

In fact, I plan on getting this one for myself before too long!

The World Coffee Atlas

I LOVE this book. It’s a thorough work that takes you on a journey to the world’s many coffee-producing countries.

It’s a must-have for any serious coffee enthusiast.

Sudden Coffee

Update: It looks like the Pandemic has finally forced them to close.

This specialty-coffee alternative to instant coffee is actually pretty delicious. The tubes are filled with a crystalized coffee concentrate that can be mixed into hot or cold water to suddenly make a brew.

You can read my full Sudden Coffee review here.

Barazta Sette 270 Grinder

The Sette line of grinders houses Baratza’s latest grinding innovation: zero ground retention burrs.

The 270 doses consistently, is easy to use and manipulate and grinds coffee with incredible precision for under $500.

Gina Coffee Maker

This smart all-in-one brewer would make a stellar gift for any serious coffee lover.

It makes pour-over coffee, immersion coffee, and cold brew, all in the same brewing cone. If I had to throw away all my coffee gear and buy just one brewer, it’d be this one.

Osaka Cold Brew Dripper

Making cold brew coffee isn’t hard with a french press or mason jar, but this cold brew dripper allows your coffee lover to make a drip-style cold brew.

Most brewers of this style are $150+, but this simple brewer is less than 1/4 of that price.

My full review on the Osaka Cold Brew Dripper.

osaka cold brew dripper

Coffee Gifts For Crazy Fanatics

Is your coffee lover a full-on fanatic?

These are some of the hardest to buy for because they likely have quite the coffee gear arsenal already. However, you can never really have it all when it comes to coffee.

Some gift ideas will surprise even the most veteran coffee lovers.

Kruve Ground Sifter

This unique set of coffee ground sifters is a fantastic gift for coffee lovers who really go the extra mile to brew better coffee.

It allows us to refine the coffee grounds so that there’s less variation between grounds, leading toward a better final cup.

Ikawa Coffee Roaster

This smart coffee roaster is great for coffee fanatics who want to try their hand at roasting beans themselves. Roasting is a whole new rabbit hole to explore, and most fanatics want to develop the skill.

A Trip To A Guatemalan Coffee Farm

Trust me, this one will make your coffee lover FLIP.

Return flights to Guatemala city can be purchased for less than $500, an apartment in Antigua can be rented for $30-60 per night, and a farm tour will cost less than $100.

This is a dream gift.

Altieri Natural Geisha

This natural processed coffee is from a world-renowned coffee plant genetic variety: geisha.

This variety is known for its exotic acidity, floral aromas, and sweet, fruity flavors. It’s the kind of coffee that most people only dream of tasting.

Make sure you get to try a cup…

These coffee gifts are snob-approved and will make this holiday memorable for your coffee lover.

Have a question about an item on this list or a gift idea that’s not? Let me know what you’re looking at, and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for your coffee lover.

Happy holidays!

Garrett Oden

Garrett Oden

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The entire purpose of this coffee blog is to empower you to explore the wonderful world of coffee. There’s much to learn and experience, so get to reading!

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