HyperChiller V2 Review: The Best Iced Coffee Maker?

Is it the best iced coffee maker? After 2+ years of using the HyperChiller V2 to make iced coffee at home, it's time to come clean with an honest review.
hyperchiller v2 review for iced coffee
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📅 Published: August 1, 2023
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I’ve seen dozens of iced coffee makers come and go. Most products are loose variations of each other, playing a not-so-subtle game of copycat. When my wife bought me the HyperChiller (version 2), I recognized it as something truly different from the “me too” products out there.

It’s different – that’s obvious. But is it better?

I’ve spent over two years making iced coffee with the device, and it’s time I come clean on my thoughts in this HyperChiller V2 review.

We’ll quickly cover…

  • Why the HyperChiller is nothing like typical iced coffee makers
  • Who this product is very well-suited for
  • My 100% honest thoughts on this device

Let’s jump into it.

How the HyperChiller Works

Let’s get this straight. The HyperChiller is not a coffee brewer. It does not brew coffee all on its own – it only chills it. That means you have to brew coffee with some other device.

And that’s kind of the whole point.

making iced coffee with the hyperchiller

Most iced coffee is made one of three ways:

  • Brewed hot, cooled in the fridge. Yikes! This method allows the coffee organic compounds to oxidize and break down while they’re hot. I strongly suggest avoiding this method! Weakness: terrible quality.
  • Brewed cold for 12+ hours. I love cold brew, but I can’t wait around twelve hours for a glass when I get the craving. Weakness: takes too long.
  • Brewed hot, directly over ice. This is how I’ve always done things. You get all the flavor and extraction of hot brewing, but the ice insta-chills the coffee, cooling it down and preserving the fresh flavors. The downside is, brewing this way is complicated and sometimes creates a watered-down flavor. Weakness: complicated ratio+ watered down coffee.

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Each of these methods has some downfalls, the main being not everyone wants the complexity of brewing iced coffee.

Enter, the Hyperchiller.

The Hyperchiller is the straight-up simplest way to make iced coffee. There are only three quick steps:

Step 1: Make hot coffee via your preferred method (I chose french press).

iced french press coffee

Step 2: Pour hot coffee into the chilling chamber (that’s surrounded by two chambers of frozen water).

pour hot coffee into the hyperchiller

Step 3: Wait 1 minute, then pour the chilled coffee out over a glass of ice.

pour hyperchilled coffee over a glass of ice

That’s it. Very basic.

Essentially, the Hyperchiller is a frozen environment that chills off hot coffee in ~60 seconds. That way, you don’t have to wait hours for hot coffee to cool, use the cold brew method, or mess with coffee-water-ice ratios with iced pour-over coffee.

That’s how it works. But how well does it work?

HyperChiller Review: How Does It Stand Up to the Hype?

I’ve owned this device for 2+ years, and have made iced coffee with it dozens of times. While I do love an iced pour over that produces a slightly more tangy, bright brew, you can’t beat how easy the Hyperchiller is to use.

But simplicity isn’t the only benefit…

Hyperchiller Pros

  • It works with any coffee maker. French press, pour over, espresso, moka pot. If it’s hot coffee, it works.
  • You can make iced + hot coffee at the same timeI often want iced coffee, and my wife often wants hot coffee. With the Hyperchiller, I can brew 20 ounces of coffee, give her 10 ounces hot, and chill 10 ounces for me.
  • Only takes 1 minute. As long as you keep it stored in the freezer, it’s always ready to chill in a flash.
  • Cleaning is a breeze. Just rinse it out with water twice, and you’re all done.

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Hyperchiller Cons

  • It only holds 12 ounces of coffee. If you’re trying to make a big batch of iced coffee for several people, this probably isn’t the best way to do so. I suggest sticking to cold brew since that’s easier to batch brew.
  • It’s not huge, but not tiny either. The Hyperchiller is roughly the size of a large wide-mouth mason jar… plus some extra girth. If you have an extra-small freezer, it may get in the way.

Final Verdict: We Love It

The Hyperchiller is a great device for coffee lovers who enjoy a glass of iced coffee every now and then. It’s undoubtedly the easiest, hardest-to-screw-up way to make a refreshing glass that tastes delicious.

Want to try the Hyperchiller? Compare prices here.

how to make iced coffee the easy way

Can You HyperChill Tea, Cocktails, and Other Liquids?

Yes! You can technically chill anything, and I’ve used it a handful of times to make iced tea quickly.

However, if you use your Hyperchiller for coffee, make sure to clean it very well before using it with anything else.

Coffee oils are stubborn and tend to stick around. Don’t taint your delicate green tea or your fancy wine with bitter coffee leftovers.

Want to try the Hyperchiller? Compare prices here.

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