3 Reasons I Love Coffee Sock’s Cloth Filters (+ How To Brew Coffee With Them)

These cloth filters from Coffee Sock have shaken up my regular coffee routine quite a bit. Here are 3 reasons I love using them.
coffee sock cloth filters
✍ Written by: Garrett Oden
📅 Published: April 18, 2020
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For the first time in years, a new coffee product has seriously disrupted my regular coffee routine: the coffee sock!

Id found my own systems, my preferred brewing methods, my typical routine. Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I came across this filter type from an Austin-based company called – unironically – CoffeeSock.

coffee sock cloth filters

I’m a big paper filter guy. I love how easy they are. I love the lighter body and crisp flavor. But these cloth filters seized my attention. I haven’t used a paper filter in weeks because I love using them so much. Let me share with you why.

Coffee Sock generously offered me a couple of products in exchange for my honest feedback. Since I’ve enjoyed using the filters so much, I decided they deserved a blog post. I assure you that these words are my own and that my opinions are in no way influenced by the generosity of Coffee Sock.

1. Cloth Coffee Filters Encourage A Smooth, Syrupy Body

I’ve always been a champion of the crisp and clean body that paper filters produce, but the syrupy, juicy body that comes about from cloth filters is captivating.

The cloth allows the coffee’s natural oils to slide right through. These give the final mug a smooth, syrupy feel and contribute towards a fuller flavor. The coffee grounds and micro-particles, however, are kept from entering the final mug.

While I still appreciate the thick and clean mouthfeel that metal and paper filters produce, I’m loving this in-between zone where I get to experience the feel and flavor of the oils without the sediment.

It tastes surprisingly similar to siphon coffee, though far less complicated to make.

3 reasons I love cloth filters

2. Reusable Cloth Filters Can Be Used For Ages

I’ve been using these cloth filters almost exclusively for the last two months. They’ve gotten a little darker in color, but I’ve seen no tearing, thinning, or any other kind of decay. They function just as well as they did the day I opened the package.

While carefully rinsing out the filters isn’t a quick as throwing a paper filter away, it sure is more rewarding knowing that I’m not producing a lot of paper waste over time.

These cloth filters compliment my values of minimalism, practical purchases, and reusable tools.

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3. Cloth Filters Are Travel-Friendly

My wife and I traveled internationally and worked remotely for ~15 months, living in various parts of Europe, Africa, and Latin America. We lived out of backpacks, so space was super limited. Guess what I brought with us…

This travel-focused coffee sock was a godsend.

While I preferred to use the It’s American Press for daily brewing, we did get tired of the sediment that came with the metal mesh filter. So when we popped out the Travel Filter, it was like Christmas.

Smooth, syrupy, sweet.

I will likely never travel with any pour over except this one. It collapsed into a tiny circle, was a breeze to use in every country we visited, and made delicious coffee we were proud of!

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travel coffee filter

4. There’s A Cloth Filter For Every Coffee Maker Out There

The two cloth filters I used were both for pour overs: the Hario V60 and a standalone Travel Filter. However, CoffeeSock also has a filters for other brewing methods as well.

Which one are you most interested in trying?

I didn’t think I’d be crazy about cloth filtered coffee, but I was wrong. I am slowly being converted to a full-time cloth filter user.

If you’d like to try cloth filters for yourself, I suggest taking a look at Coffee Sock. The Texas business (my homies) focuses solely on cloth and sells filters for pour over brewers, cold brew, Aeropress, tea, and beyond.

Who knows? Maybe you won’t be able to stop yourself from converting as well.

Garrett Oden

Garrett Oden

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  1. Gil Palmer

    Do you use it as an immersion-coffee device like a Clever Dripper or a pour-over device?

    • Garrett Oden

      Either one works! I’ve been using it for pour over brewing, personally.

  2. JW Goble

    Looks great Garrett, thank you for sharing. Which drippers did you try the sock in? And may I ask what scale are you using in your photos? Enjoy your travels and remote work! Where will you travel to first?

    • Garrett Oden

      I’ve really loved using it in my Hario V60, which is what the filters I got are really made for. Still loving them! The scale is an Acaia Pearl. It’s really nice, but quite pricey. I won it in a latte art competition – otherwise I wouldn’t have it.

      Thanks for the kind words! We will be traveling to Estonia for a month, then Bulgaria, then Greece. From there, we’re not 100% sure!