Moka Pot Brewing Guide

The Moka Pot is a stove-top coffee maker with a simple design and effective method. The bottom-most chamber holds the water, the center basket contains the coffee grounds, and the upper chamber will store the final coffee.

Ample amounts of pressure push the steam through the grounds and up through the tube into the final chamber, resembling espresso. If you’re hoping to imitate your favorite shop’s latte however, you may want to look elsewhere.

Even still, the Moka Pot is a widely used and respected method across the globe that boasts a full body and strong brew.

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Thorough Moka Pot Instructions:

  • Measurements: Fill the basket
  • Grind: Fine
  • Filter: Metal Basket

1. Grind enough coffee to fill the filter basket evenly and don’t pack the grounds down.

2. Fill the bottom water chamber up to, but not exceeding the pressure valve.

3. Assemble the entire pot and make sure it is screwed together properly.

4. Place on a heat source at medium heat (~204° F / ~95° C) and let sit. Leave the lid up so you can see what’s happening,

5. Once you see the coffee initially make its way to the upper chamber, turn the heat down to about 50% of the original temperature.

6. Remove the pot from your heat source when the coffee reaches the bottom of the spout or all the water is spent. This should take between 4 and 5 minutes.

7. Pour, enjoy.

Minimal Moka Pot Instructions:

  • Fill the basket, fill to the line
  • Grind: Fine
  • Filter: Metal Basket

1. Apply medium heat till first drops

2. Reduce to low heat

3. Remove from heat at yellow coffee, by 5:00

Moka Pot Brewing Variations:

1. Many recommend pre-heating (not necessarily pre-boiling) the water before putting it into the Moka Pot. This will make the brew quicker and will keep the pot from getting over-heated and burning the coffee.

2. When the brewing is finished, run some cool water over the bottom chamber to stop any further extraction which might result in unwanted bitterness.

Common Problems:

1. If the center filter clogs or the pressure valve pops out, try a coarser grind and make sure you do not pack the grounds in.

2. If the brew isn’t complete in five minutes, turn up the heat.