American Press Coffee Brewing Guide

The It’s American Press is the result of wildly successful Indigogo campaign in which it raised over $150,000.

The brewer is simply designed and easy to use. A double walled chamber holds water. A smaller chamber with stainless steel mesh filters on top and bottom holds ground coffee.

When you plunge the coffee chamber through the water, the result is delicious coffee. Because it is so simple and made with durable materials, the It’s American Press makes for a great travel companion.


      • Measurements: 24g Coffee, 360g Water (12oz)
      • Grind: Medium-Fine
      • Metal Mesh (Built-In)

1. Heat your water to just below boiling (~200° F / ~93° C ).

2. Weigh out 24g of coffee and grind it on a medium-fine setting.

3. Pour some hot water into the American Press to warm it up, then pour it out.

4. Place the coffee grounds into the coffee chamber of the American press and twist the filter together.

5. Pour 360g of water into the American Press.

6. Slowly slide the coffee chamber into the press until liquid coffee barely covers the top of the filter. All the coffee grounds should be saturated and brewing.

7. Begin counting up with a timer.

8. At 2:15, begin plunging the coffee chamber and filter down slowly.

9. You should finish plunging right at 3:00.

10. Pour, enjoy.


  • 24g Coffee, 360g Water
  • Grind: Medium-Fine
  • Metal Mesh (Included)

1. 360g into press

2. Saturate coffee until 2:15

3. Press until 3:00


1. The design of the brewer allows for a variety of recipes. Try a medium-coarse or coarse grind with a longer brew time.

Common Problems:

1. If you are really struggling to press the plunger down, you’ve ground your coffee too fine. It shouldn’t hurt your brewer, but it’s more effort than it’s worth. Coarsen it up next time around.

2. If your coffee tastes too strong, feel free to reduce the immersion time to lighten the extraction just a bit,

3. If your coffee isn’t strong enough, try a slightly finer grind setting or let it brew a little longer before you plunge.