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Looking for a coffee podcast to learn from? Here are several you need to get into! These have launched my coffee knowledge to new heights.
Best Coffee Podcast
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📅 Published: April 21, 2022
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I find myself in the car for about 45 minutes each day between work, home, and other various destinations.

To make the most of this time, I began listening to podcasts about six months ago, a move I didn’t realize would be so rewarding.

Podcasts keep you engaged mentally on the road and give you an avenue to learn passively.

As a coffee shop manager and enthusiast, I naturally gravitated toward coffee-related podcasts and found several I’ve really enjoyed.

From humble home enthusiasts to importers of the world’s finest coffees, these podcasts are hosted by amazing coffee industry people in every part of the supply chain, meaning there’s a wealth of information to gain from these podcasts that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

There are many great websites and blogs for continued coffee education, but podcasts offer a different, equally valuable experience.

If you’re making your daily commute to work and enjoying your morning java, why not listen to one of the many great podcasts that are out there at the moment?

There are hundreds of coffee industry podcasts available today. Some are great. Some are boring. But rather than needing to sift through them all yourself, we have done the hard work for you!

With that being said, let’s look at some of the best coffee podcasts out there at the moment.

1. Cat and Cloud (My Top Pick)

If you are not familiar with Cat & Cloud, this is a roastery for specialty coffee and a group of cafes situated in the south of California.

Brought to you by Jared Truby and Chris Baca, the Cat and Cloud Coffee Podcast cover topics from all over the industry, from innovative brew methods to espresso recipes to service styles.

What I love about the podcast is the sheer honesty on display; we learn about the mistakes Cat & Cloud have made on their journey and the lessons they learned along the way.

If you want to start your own coffee business or you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes of a coffee roaster, this is a podcast you’re bound to enjoy.

They are hilarious, informed, and an excellent resource for insights into the specialty coffee industry.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

2. Adventures in Coffee Podcast

Adventures In Coffee Podcast

Source: Adventures In Coffee Podcast

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the Adventures in Coffee podcast, which is presented by Caffeine Magazine.

The podcast is brought to you by James Harper, who created Filter Stories, a critically acclaimed documentary podcast, which is also featured on this list, as well as Jools Walker, a top-selling cycling author, and Scott Bentley, who founded the award-winning magazine Caffeine.

They promise you that you will never look at your cup of coffee the same again, as they take you around the world to learn about your cup of coffee. Their light tone makes it easy to listen to, providing you with some great coffee knowledge without getting overly complex.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

3. Map It Forward Podcast

If you subscribe to Map It Forward, you are essentially going to receive two podcasts in one.

  1. Map It Forward – This podcast makes the most of long-form interviews and digs deep into all elements of the coffee production supply chain, with an emphasis on the business side of the coffee industry.
  2. Daily Coffee Pro – This is a 15-minute-long podcast that is released daily. While it is not as in-depth, it provides quick ideas to give you something to think about.

Plus, with virtually new listening material each day, you’ll always have a fresh perspective to enjoy with your daily brew.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

4. Coffee Sprudgecast Podcast

Coffee Sprudgecast Podcast

Source: Coffee Sprudgecast Podcast

You will notice that a lot of the podcasts on this list have specific themes, such as looking at the business side of coffee topics.

What makes Coffee Sprudgecast different is that you never know what you are going to get when you tune into this podcast. Aside from “coffee” itself, there is no specific theme.

Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, the co-founders of Sprudge, may discuss different types of specialty coffee or relevant news stories.

One thing is for sure, though; no matter what is on the menu, it is always interesting and entertaining.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

5. Cascara Podcast

Cascara Podcast

Source: Cascara Podcast

If you are someone who likes to combine coffee and travel, this is the podcast for you! After all, is there anything more exciting than trying different types of specialty coffee around the world?

Every episode involves visiting a nfew city and exploring the unique elements of the coffee culture in that part of the world.

It is an incredibly insightful podcast, which enables you to learn more about the history and culture of coffee, how coffee is prepared, and what coffee means for local communities. We unravel different perspectives on something that we all know and love.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

6. Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast

Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast

Source: Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast

Hosted by Joel Sigmon, the Craft Your Own Coffee podcast is perfect for anyone who is passionate about brewing their own home coffee roasting.

You can expect your coffee brewing skills to reach new heights once you start listening to this podcast. You will learn about unique recipes, home roasting techniques, pulling better shots from your espresso machine, and much more.

Joel has an approachable demeanor, which makes the podcast perfect for both beginners and experts. Plus, there are plenty of exciting special guests, which bring their own tips to the table!

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

7. Bean Stuff Coffee Podcast

Bean Stuff Coffee Podcast

Source: Bean Stuff Coffee Podcast

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about coffee, this podcast will be right up your street.

The host, Paul Allen, is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to roasting coffee. He is a certified Q grader, coffee writer, and long-time coffee roaster.

He hosts alongside Reed Allen, his son, and they often welcome a number of guests, all of whom are industry professionals. They discuss everything java-related!

They discuss some of the most suitable plant-based milk to enjoy with coffee, how to properly drink coffee, and lots of other useful pieces of information. You will learn everything you want to know about specialty coffee, as well as all things coffee you did not realize you wanted to know.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

8. Filter Stories Podcast

Filter Stories Podcast

Source: Filter Stories Podcast

Filter Stories is another podcast that shows that a cup of coffee is so much more than just coffee! Filter Stories takes you on the journey that unfolds in order for you to end up with a delicious cup of coffee.

You will learn about the coffee farmer who grew the beans, the baristas who present your cup of joe with beautiful coffee art, and everything in between.

If you ever sip your coffee and wonder where it came from and who was involved in creating it, Filter Stories reveals all of this for you and more.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

9. Boss Barista Podcast

Boss Barista Logo

Source: Boss Barista

While there has not been a new episode in some time, if you are looking for something a bit more hard-hitting than the podcasts we have discussed so far, Boss Barista is a perfect fit.

Hosted by coffee professional Ashley Rodriguez, Boss Barista is a podcast that tackles some of the most important and potentially uncomfortable topics in today’s society, all of which are discussed through a coffee lens.

Some of the topics include the likes of disability, race, sex, and gender, discussed with regard to how they occur within the coffee industry.

Not only does Ashley provide her own take and opinions but she offers some hard-hitting interviews in her podcasts as well. Plus, she is not afraid to speak her truth or tackle some difficult topics, treating them with respect but also adding some humor where appropriate.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

10. Coffee Lovers Radio Podcast

Coffee Lovers Radio Podcast

Source: Coffee Lovers Radio Podcast

Next, we have Coffee Lovers Radio Podcast, which is a diverse podcast that looks into all of the different elements of enjoying coffee, including the latest coffee trends, the health effects of coffee, and brewing tips.

If you’re a coffee lover you’ll love Coffee Lovers Radio.

If you are looking for a real easy listen, this fits the bill. It is fun, informative, and friendly. You do not feel like you are getting lectured to, which is always a good thing!

Some of our favorite episodes are the Listener Mail episodes, which deal with a wide range of questions that amateur coffee lovers submit to the podcast team.

Where to find it

Episode worth listening to:

Bottom Line on the Best Coffee Podcasts in 2022

So there you have it – some of the best coffee podcasts out there at the moment.

Whether you want to learn about running a successful coffee business, coffee roasting, or you’re interested in tasty new coffee recipes, you can find a podcast for it!

There is enough content within the archives of these podcasts to last you all year, but that doesn’t mean these are the only podcasts you should explore.

If you find any others that stick out to you, drop a comment down below!

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