The Best (Free) Websites for Continued Coffee Education

There's so much to learn about coffee, but so many awful resources out there. Here are some of my favorite sites for continued coffee education.
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✍ Written by: Garrett Oden
📅 Published: July 20, 2023

Once you stick your head down the coffee rabbit hole, it can be nearly impossible to satisfy that hunger for greater understanding and greater skill.

At first, coffee is a black mystery juice. Then it becomes a liquid with some variation between origins.

Before long, you’re tasting specific acids and adjusting the grind in such small increments that you cannot see the difference – but you can taste it.

The rabbit hole goes deep.

coffee education

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of internet resources for coffee (including Coffee Brew Guides), but the following have stuck out to me in significant ways, and have pushed me to new levels of coffee understanding and appreciation.

1. Perfect Daily Grind

This newcomer to specialty coffee online magazines has no shortage of incredible content. They include a wide range of topics in their writing and find contributors from all over the world.

Coffee Science: What’s Acidity

How does Altitude Affect Flavour Profile

Is Espresso & Tonic a Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

2. Coffee Marketing School

If you’ve ever wanted to start a coffee business, marketing is one of the skill sets you’ll have to learn. With thousands upon thousands of coffee companies out there, you can’t afford NOT to learn how to stand out, thrive at e-commerce, master email marketing, and beyond.

The Coffee Marketing Pyramid: An Industry Framework

7 Coffee Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Are 100% Free

3. Sprudge

Nobody does coffee industry and culture news like Sprudge. While the educational side of things may not be priority, their coverage of innovation and business in coffee culture is unmatched.

Coffee In Yemen: Past, Present And Future

An Interview With Sang Ho Park, Coffee Consultant

Denver: Purple Door Coffee, A Story Of Coffee & People

4. I Need Coffee

Being updated weekly since 1999, this blog is a treasure trove of coffee information. It may take some time to scroll through the hundreds of articles to find something you’re fascinated by, but it’s worth it!

Hacking Decaf – The Swiss Water Story

The Perfect Solution for Cold Brew Coffee On The Go

7 Easy Tricks to Make Your Coffee More Eco-Friendly

5. SCAA Chronicle

This online publication by the Specialty Coffee Association of America is face-to-face with the specialty coffee industry’s deep and dirty questions and news. This resource is definitely for the in-deep coffee professional or very-in-deep enthusiast.

Discover Ethiopia: A Portrait of a Coffee-Producing Country

When Coffee Drinkers Don’t Share Our Tastes

The Importance of Exercise: Palate Development

6. JimSeven

James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion and Director of Square Mile Coffee Roasters has many years of coffee experience and is well-connected. He is clearly a well-rounded coffee professional based on how his articles are written.

The Coffee Professional Beginners Guide

Maillard Reaction, Strecker Degradation, and Caramelisation

7. Daily Coffee News

When it comes to raw, unbiased news in the specialty coffee industry, Daily Coffee News is where it’s at. The online publication of Roast Magazine, DCN’s articles are well-researched and well-reported.

Square Unveils Data Mined from Thousands of U.S. Cafés

Cincinnati Startup Roastery Alloy Coffee Forging Positive Change at Origin

8. The Coffee Compass

The experienced coffee professionals behind The Coffee Compass are not just skilled at slinging espresso, but also at writing compelling content. From gear reviews to industry news, these guys have the background and voice for approachable and informative content.

These New Products Have the Coffee World Buzzing

Meet the Coffee Maker Baristas Dream About

I would love to hear about other well-rounded sources for continued coffee education. If you know of another source or a particular article that stands above the rest, drop a comment down below!

The best websites for learning everything you  could want to know about coffee.

Garrett Oden

Garrett Oden

Coffee Industry Writer

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The entire purpose of this coffee blog is to empower you to explore the wonderful world of coffee. There’s much to learn and experience, so get to reading!

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