Win 3 Months of Coffee from Atlas Coffee Club (Complete)

Brianna from Wisconson won the coffee giveaway from Atlas Coffee Club! Thank you all for participating!
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📅 Published: September 15, 2016
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Brianna from Wisconson won the giveaway! Thank you all for participating!

The good people over at Atlas Coffee Club have been upping their game when it comes to sourcing and roasting amazing coffee. To celebrate National Coffee Day, and to share their success, they’ve offered to give away a 3-month subscription to a lucky random reader!

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I’ve tasted their coffee and only had good things to say. This is a giveaway you don’t want to pass up.

Who is Atlas?

Atlas Coffee Club is the business child of entrepreneurs and storytellers Michael Shewmake and Jon Miller. They wanted to share the diverse world of coffee with regular people (like you and me) through a subscription service that highlights the unique flavors and experiences provided by different regions around the world.

On an even deeper level, Atlas is a community of coffee lovers and wanderlusters. Maybe you’ll fit in.

I asked Jordan Rosenacker, ACC’s creative director, about the current state of the business and community, and he responded with the following:

We’re partnering with some incredibly talented writers and creative brands to bring some exciting opportunities and resources to our club members and we have a number of delicious coffees lined up for our subscription only customers.


We want to be a one stop shop for people to learn about coffee and cooking trends, have brewing resources readily available, provide travel guides and tips for the global citizen, and create opportunities for more people to learn more about our “neighbors” and community.

I am confident in ACC’s ability to share the incredible coffees of the world with average Joes like myself and believe in their mission.

Do You Want Free Coffee?

To celebrate the continued success of the business and the release of new coffee bags that are regionally themed, Atlas Coffee Club and I have partnered to give away a 3-month subscription to a lucky winner.

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