Java Maestro’s Pour Over Brewer Review and Guide

Java Maestro's pour over coffee brewer brews a rich and balanced cup of coffee, but is it the right pour over device for you?
Java Maestro Pour Over
✍ Written by: Garrett Oden
📅 Published: July 17, 2023
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Note* Java Maestro products are no longer available. However, the LHS Stainless Steel Pour Over Dripper is an excellent alternative.

I am a pretty habitual person when it comes to coffee brewing. When I don’t open the coffee shop, I make my wife and I coffee using our typical pour over device, the Hario V60.  Recently, our regular brewing habits with the V60 were disrupted by a new toy: the Java Maestro Stainless Steel Coffee Pour Over.

Note: I received this pour over device from Java Maestro for free in exchange for a review if I could recommend the product to you, the reader. I assure you that this review is fair and honest.

I’ve gotten to know this new coffee brewer pretty well over the past month. I’ve used it almost daily and we even took it with us to Colorado as our vacation coffee brewer. I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic towards metal filtered pour overs, but my doubts have been put to rest.

Here are a few of my favorite things I’ve learned about the pour over dripper by Java Maestro:

It is it’s Own Filter

This pour over dripper is not just a vessel for filter to do most of the work. It is the filter. A very fine stainless steel double mesh makes up the majority of the device. This design minimizes fine coffee grounds entering the mug, but still allows the coffee oils (responsible for a significant amount of flavor) to pass through uninterrupted by any paper.

Not having to keep up with a supply of filters frees you from one more thing to worry about. Metal filters are also a great option for anyone who is particularly environmentally motivated, as there is no paper waste after each brew.

Java Maestro Pour Over 3

Cleanup is a Breeze

Cleanup is very simple with this pour over brewer by Java Maestro. A slap or two against the trash can is enough to liberate the majority of the coffee grounds, and a quick rinse with water finishes the job.

It’s not quite as brainless as dropping a paper filter into the trash and calling it a day, but there’s no challenge to keep the metal clean. The occasional soapy wash with a really thorough rinse is suggested.

Full Flavor and Body

The beauty of metal filters lies in their ability to keep coffee oils from getting absorbed by paper. These coffee oils bring a lot to the coffee experience table by providing more intense aromatics that our brains interpret as flavors. Some of the most incredible coffees I’ve ever tastes have been through metal filters like the one that makes up this pour over device.

Along with that flavor boost, the oils also give the coffee a fuller, silkier body. With the two elements combined, metal filters offer a cup of coffee that is full and satisfying.

It Travels Well

Lauren and I opted to take the pour over by Java Maestro on our Colorado vacation rather than the one by Hario. Being stainless steel, there is virtually no risk of it shattering in transit, and there was no need to worry about having enough filters to last the trip. The device filtered itself and cleanup was not a burden.

Brewing with the Pour Over Dripper by Java Maestro

I  noticed that this pour over device was more forgiving than Hario’s. The pouring technique was slightly less significant in determining the final outcome because the brewer drains a bit more slowly, giving you some room for error.

Java Maestro Pour Over 2

To brew coffee with this dripper I follow the same general steps I would with any pour over brewer:

  1. Rinse the filter to reduce papery taste and temperature loss (in this case, there’s no papery taste guaranteed, and the filter is the device itself).
  2. Pour in slow circles to saturate all of the coffee grounds evenly.
  3. Balance the grind size with the device mechanics in order to achieve a balanced extraction (this dripper drains at a similar pace to the Hario V60, so I use a medium grind and pour at a slow pace to extract just the right amount for a tasty, balanced cup).

Check out this video guide I made!

The Verdict

This pour over dripper by Java Maestro is one worth considering when you are interested in building your coffee gear arsenal. It’s simple, easy to use, and brews delicious coffee with some basic care and technique.

I highly suggest this device to anyone looking for a pour over coffee brewer, especially if you’re newer to this type of brewing. I also highly suggest this device to anyone who wants the flavor and body of a metal filter without much grit at the bottom of the final mug, as the brewer keeps fines under control well.

Take a look at Java Maestro’s page to see more reviews and see more information.

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