The Importance of Thrift Stores (And The Coffee Gear They Hold)

Excellent coffee equipment can be found in thrift stores for massive savings. Check out what others have found at their local thrift stores!
Thrift Store Coffee Server
✍ Written by: Garrett Oden
📅 Published: September 29, 2013
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If you’re not a fan of thrift store shopping because of the items, smell or location, you may need to reconsider. Thrift (and antique) stores have become some of my favorite places to look for coffee equipment – you never know what you are going to find!

Thrift Stores Coffee Server

My $8 thrift store server

I was pretty set on buying the Hario 800ml Server for $18 on Amazon (which isn’t that bad of a deal) until I came across this beautiful carafe at a local thrift store for only $8.

Although the Hario server may appear more official, this carafe is completely functional, has more personality, and allowed me to spend ten dollars on something else. Score!

The next week I was able to find 2 brand new Bodum French Press replacement carafes for $6 each, saving me $43 total! One I was able to give away to a friend who destroyed his french press last week and the other is tucked away until I need it. Great find, great use, great price.

These trips to thrift stores in search of coffee-related items were inspired by a number of people on Reddit’s coffee subforum finding great deals on used (or often new) equipment.

One guy was able to find a Chemex for just under $2, another a Baratza Encore for a mere $3, and one man even scored a La Pavoni espresso machine for $35, and those gems were only the beginning.

Even though these items may not be brand new or extremely shiny, they are fully functional and only a fraction of the cost. What more could you ask for?

By now you ought to be convinced that thrift stores have massive potential for us in the specialty coffee world. In an industry where prices can be daunting, thrift stores offer hope. I urge you to check out your local thrift stores. If you need help finding them, check out Thrift Store Shopper.

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