Brothers Coffee Offers Coffee And Altruism To Subscribers

Brothers Coffee doesn't just want to send you delicious, fresh coffee. They want to partner with you to change the world, one bag of coffee at a time. See how two brothers are playing a small part in making the world a better place.
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📅 Published: February 6, 2017
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Cause coffee companies are not new, but ironically, many of them forget to give care to the thing that will keep them in business: the coffee beans. That’s not the case with the men behind Brothers Coffee, a new subscription service that selects coffees based on their effects on the globe and their quality. January was their launch month, and their promise to deliver great coffee with a side of altruism did not disappoint.

I’ve been lucky to get to try some coffee from Trailhead Coffee Roasters, courtesy of Brothers Coffee, over the last two weeks. The Guatemala offering featured a rich chocolate, honey, and caramel flavor that was quite sweet and balanced. The acidity was just strong enough to highlight a bright floral note to end the flavor experience.

Currently, Brothers Coffee is partnered with Grounds For Health, an organization that treats women with cervical cancer in developing countries who could not get treatment otherwise. Brothers Coffee donates $1 for every subscription purchased to this organization of hope.

Impressed with the coffee quality and dedication to selecting coffees that improve the lives of farmers around the world, I reached to Matthew Little, one of the brothers behind Brothers Coffee, for a brief interview.

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An Interview With Matthew Little Of Brothers Coffee

Was there a clear moment that you and Bryan knew you had to launch your own coffee subscription?

I had wanted to find a project to start for quite some time, but I wanted it to be something that helped others. My brother, Bryan, and I had a few conversations about coffee and how difficult it was to figure out where your money was going, who it was helping, and – often more importantly – who it wasn’t helping. We thought there must be a market of people just like us, coffee fans that want to discover new coffee and help others. With these thoughts, Brothers Coffee Company was formed in our minds!

How does a bag of Brothers Coffee help alleviate poverty and ecological harm in producer countries?

What’s so exciting about having a Brothers Coffee subscription is that this answer changes every month. We love finding roasters that are developing new and unique ways of dealing with the problems the coffee industry is facing.

For instance, in January we sent out coffee roasted Trailhead Coffee Roasters that they had sourced through Cafe Femenino, a project that helps farms that are completely owned and operated by women, using a portion of the profits to invest in their communities. Larry’s Coffee, our February roaster, delivers their coffee using biodiesel vans, use solar power, store rainwater for use at their site, and so much more! Brothers Coffee subscribers get to participate in these stories and more each month.

How do you find roasters that are as globally-conscious as you?

What started with a lot of Googling has turned into a giant spreadsheet of roasters! I love to talk to roasters themselves about other roasting companies that they love – making delicious coffee and using their platform for good.

As a storyteller, do you have a favorite story about coffee?

My favorite part of this journey has always been the discovery of new roasters. It’s so exciting to find new projects and initiatives that are doing coffee right. I can’t wait to share with our subscribers all the awesome roasters we’ve lined up and tell their amazing stories.

5. Is there anything you’d like the world of coffee lovers to know?

My brother and I really want the coffee community to learn that if you want the best tasting coffee, it will always be ethically sourced coffee. Why?

When a roaster is paying farmers a good price for their coffee, these farmers are able to spend less time on quantity and more on quality; changing how they grow their coffee year-to-year after hearing the roasters notes and eventually bringing the best coffee possible to consumers.

Subscribers are part of a win-win situation with us: they vote for positive change with their hard-earned dollars, and they get the best coffee they’ve ever had. Unfortunately, there have been many gimmicky coffee-roasters that focus on their mission more than great tasting coffee. We will not select these roasters.

If you’d like participate in making the world a better place by buying coffee from people who care, check out Brothers Coffee!

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