Lanna Coffee Co: Champion of Coffee Lovers and Thailand Farmers

A coffee roaster and humanitarian foundation that aims to provide clean water, education, and healthcare to the hill tribes of Northern Thailand.
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📅 Published: December 5, 2016
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Drug cartels, human trafficking, and extreme poverty. These are some of the challenges the villages of Northern Thailand face on a regular basis. If you could do something to help, would you? I have good new for you.


Lanna Coffee Co is a coffee roaster with an attached humanitarian foundation that seeks to empower the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. Not only do they source coffee from an uncommon origin and roast it well, they offer hope to the hill tribe communities in the form of fair, sustainable economic development.

The Lanna Foundation partners with the Integrated Tribal Development Program to provide clean water, education, agricultural development, and healthcare – all necessary components for a thriving, healthy community.

How’s The Coffee?

Lanna Coffee Co has a few roast level options meant to please a range of coffee lovers, from snobs (like me) to the easy satisfied. All the beans are of the Catimor variety and grown between 3600 and 4200ft in elevation in the northern province of Thailand. Most crops are processed via the wet method, with a couple exceptions.


Artisan Roast – This was the roast I received, which is tailored to those familiar with the specialty coffee market (which is you, I assume). The beans were light in color and featured a bright caramel flavor with a smooth, sweet floral aftertaste. This is an A+ coffee!

House – A roast for the masses who aren’t so fond of lighter roast coffees. Vanilla and caramel are the flavor notes, according to Lanna.

French – The roast for those who truly enjoy a very dark coffee. Roasty and chocolate are the flavor notes.

I truly enjoyed the Artisan Roast and thought it on par with many of the specialty coffee roasters I have on a more regular basis. I find it honorable that Lanna Coffee Co has options for those who aren’t fond of lighter coffees. They are more interested in selling great coffee to many types of drinkers than sticking to a single realm of roasting.

Coffee That Matters

If you’d like to try excellent coffee from Thailand, I highly suggest Lanna Coffee Co’s Artisan Roast. Not only will you receive a bag of great coffee, but you’ll participate in the liberation of the hill tribes from several types of economic and cartel oppression.

Interested? Order a bag of coffee for yourself or a friend!


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