I Analyzed 24 Coffee Companies’ Branding Techniques. Here’s What I Learned

Want to know what makes compelling coffee branding? I studied dozens of coffee companies - here's what I discovered.
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✍ Written by: Garrett Oden
📅 Published: August 24, 2021
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Starting your own coffee company can be very rewarding. You carefully created your brand and made the products that make your company special. Now what? Here comes the tricky part — marketing. 

Marketing can make or break a company no matter how long it’s have been in the game. It goes hand-in-hand with your brand’s reputation. This is especially true in the coffee industry where the product is (mostly) the same for every company. 

Coffee branding doesn’t have to be difficult. When you know the right techniques to break away from the crowd and create a loyal following, it can be almost effortless.

By studying the branding techniques of 24 other coffee brands, it is easy to see patterns that help make the brand (and the coffee) successful. In this brief review of my findings from the study, we’ll discuss:

  • Making your coffee brand stand above the rest
  • The 4 key marketing tactics (+why they work)
  • Where to master memorable and unique branding

4 Hallmarks of Effective Coffee Branding That Really Works

I analyzed 24 different coffee companies and dissected their marketing process, from bigger brands that have been in the business for over 50 years to small brands that just got their start in the last four.

Throughout the study, four big trends became apparent in which companies have built the most compelling brands (and raving customer base). Here they are.

Know your target audience, and speak directly to them

Having a target audience will help you narrow down your desired customers, create a more loyal following, and boost your brands reputation. While everyone can enjoy your coffee, it helps to have and audience you are proven to reach and connect with rather than an uncertain audience who doesn’t connect with your brand. 

Be bold, unique, and stop using clichés

How many times have you heard “Coffees from around the globe” or “Roasted to perfection” in a coffee marketing campaign? Too many times! 

There are so many coffee cliches that keep companies from being an authentic source for coffee. When brands are specific about what they aim for and add personality to a product, it makes a fun connection for customers to hold onto and easily remember your brand.

Use Innovative packaging, cut the overused minimalism schtick

The packaging is typically the customers first impression of your brand. Think about what you want that impression to be. It can be simple yet refined, bold and brilliant, or soothing to the soul. You want to tell your company’s story through the design to really draw in customers.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up every now and again. Use unique packaging such as boxes or tubes or rotate designs to keep customers interested in the coffee’s evolution. Stepping out of the crowd is what gets customers attention.

Give back, and invite your customers to join you on your mission

Having good brand values and mission helps customers connect to your company ethically and emotionally. Some of the best received values included sustainability, direct-trade coffee, and charitable efforts. These make for good awards to put on the package but also show customers you care.  

Coffee Marketing Help You Won’t Regret

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